About Me


There is so much beauty in life. Whatever the circumstances or condition, one can always find beauty.  

My passion is to share the beauty that I come across on a daily base. Weddings are feasts with an overflow of beauty.  

Pure life attracts me the most and shooting weddings in the most natural way as it happens has become a very important part of my life.  

Things that shaped my life are that I was born and raised in the warmness of the beautiful country South Africa. As an artist who loves to do pencil drawings I started drawing when I was ten.  

For 3 years I was the Identikit artist for the South African Police, drawing the faces of suspects. During that time I was introduced to photography which changed the course of my life.  

Being the witness to more than 45 countries and many cultures has taught me a lot about the peoples of the earth. I love different cultures. I met my wife (who is Dutch) in the Philippines.  

My loves: God, my wife and 3 kids, running, Macarons, Merlot, pure chocolate, Paris, Starbucks, avocado's, Instagram, South Africa, playing squash, art, B-B-Q, Creme Brulee, passionate people, travelling, meeting new people and cultures. 

My dreams and goals: Running the New York Marathon, travelling the rest of the world which I didn't see and capture all kinds of beauty, giving back to life and the community by teaching children with the gift of creativity and art how to use it in a fresh and arty way.  

After shooting 700 weddings in The Netherlands and abroad the hunger is still everpresent to capture this beautiful thing called LOVE.